Father is a role model who is actively interested and involved in his daughter’s life. Fathers play a major role in the cognitive development of their daughters.

When daughters grow up it is normal for boys to come in and out of their lives. . But daughters consider fathers as a key male role in their lives. They think that the only man who will always be there is her father.

The relationship between a daughter and a father plays a vital role in her daughter’s journey since her childhood. A daughter wants her father to be actively interested in her life. So he participates in his daughter’s hobbies and activities by displaying interest when they are in childhood. She wants to play with him or enjoys watching the things that they do towards fathers.

The below pictures will prove to you that how their princesses try to get attention from their fathers by doing different things. However, those fathers should be appreciated because they try to make their Princesses happy by allowing them to do such things.