Dogs have a special place in our hearts than other animals. The relationship between the dogs and us was started in the 18th century. Most people have pets. We like dogs because they are organically arranged to like human babies.

Dogs provide friendship and closeness. They can be a solace to people who long for unlimited interconnection with another living being. Dogs decrease levels of human isolation and give humans a sensation of purpose as they keep their companions.

Recently president and chief executive of the Human society in the United States had said,

“ I share out with many stressful situations and I see appalling inhumanity. But when my puppy puts her head on my lap it calms down me”

He had convinced further it saying pets especially dogs how they are seen to be good for our health.

But sometimes when they get older, people start hating them. When they get older it is a bit sad to see them. So Amanda Jones has committed the past 20 years to an unbelievable photograph project. It shows us even though dogs got older that they are very sweet and we can get the joy from them like the dogs we had before.