Every person is not able to born with everything perfectly. Sometimes people are born with disabilities that unable to perform functions like normal people. It may be physical or mental. Those disabilities can have effects on a person’s physical and mental health.

Many people with disabilities have proved it doesn’t matter where, how you come from. So we have seen some people born with extremely unfortunate conditions. But most of them have proved that they didn’t let those conditions ruin their future.

They believed in themselves and their vision to live an independent and successful life. They had done every activity with multiple painful failures. however, they smiled through the pains of those moments.

It’s not always everything goes easily as we want. We should learn from them that once we have a vision, we have to commit to a plan of small daily steps to achieve our goals. 

#1 having a prosthetic for 27 of my 29 years, I finally decided to be a one legged pirate. It was a hit.

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#2 When I was born in Ukraine the doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t live past the first year due to a heart condition. My parents wouldn’t accept that so they flew me to Israel for surgery. Today I turned 27 – here is a picture of me with my best buddy.

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#3 Usually I’d say decorating graduation caps are dumb but

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#4 Almost a year ago, I started a breakthrough treatment intended to halt the progressive nature of my disease. Last night, I sat upright, unassisted, for the first time in 15+ years.

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#5 Today I held my children’s book with my right hand for the first time.

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#6 I did a thing!! First Olympic-ish Triathlon. 1k swim, 42k bike, 10k run.

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#7 My new life

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#8 First time with chopsticks after having my middle finger amputated, little help from my son’s assisted T-Rex sticks but they got the job done!

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#9 I overcame my depression and went for a hike 🙂 It’s the small things.

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#10 “I’m a double above-knee amputee and keen mountaineer. This is me climbing Mont Blanc and the Jung-La-Pass.”

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#11 Legless not lifeless!

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#12 Jessica Cox was born without arms but it didn’t stop her from becoming the world’s first armless pilot.

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