Sometimes animals are part of our lives and part of our families than humans. They provide us with a strong bond with emotional and mental support. They make us happy to reduce our stress and loneliness.  They fix our mood to make our feelings of social support.

Today most of the time people treat their animals the way they treat another person. It has been reporting on many social media, that  70 percent of animal owners said, they sleep with animals, buy gifts for them,  cook special meals for animals and the special thing is most of the women get support for their daily routine from animals than their spouses.

The bond between animals and humans is not always similar to the relationships humans have with each other. The below pictures will prove the bond between animals and humans is amazing,

#1 Every night, she’ll meows at us until we hold her like this.

© btway / reddit

#2 “My dog, who has never liked cats, adopted my baby foster kitten. She adopted him too, I think…”

© emmettemme / Reddit

#3 “My cat is on a diet. I found his stash.”

© Caesar100 / Reddit

#4 “This is a Canadian goose named Dorthy. She visits my grandparents’ house every year to make her nest and lay her eggs.”

© Thicc-Shibe3000 / Reddit

#5 The inhabitants of Kamchatka found a 6-month-old bear on the side of the road. Now she lives in a center for animals and weighs 440 lb. She is a star on social media!

© Sergey Klochek / Facebook

#6 People made a live corridor to help the newborn sea turtles reach the water and avoid being eaten by seagulls.

© Erty15 / Pikabu

#7 These seals were rescued from an ice formation in the Saint Petersburgh river. They are safe and sound.

© Anna Loseva / terra.spas / Pikabu

#8  “These pictures of our cat Drax were taken 4 months apart. When we got him from the animal shelter, his back half had practically no fur and he weighed just 4.5 lb. He’s really fluffed out!”

© JeanGrey_and_Drax / Reddit

#9 “I’ve been waiting 6 years to get a dog and the day finally came. Meet Archie!”

© xdharro / Reddit

#10 This photo went viral with the caption, “The fawn mistook this dummy for his mother.” But it turned out that he just hid behind it and was waiting for his mom. She appeared a minute after the photo was taken.

© AtoZandalizard / Reddit© Julie Marie / Facebook

#11 This is Jax, the official stamp-licker in Scotland. He works every day, patiently expecting new clients.

#12 “My dad works at home and chooses the best employee every quarter. It’s always our dog Meeka.”

© Kennedy Reeg / Twitter© Kennedy Reeg / Twitter

#13 “My baby helped my boyfriend propose to me yesterday!”

© doyouwatmoore / Reddit

#14 “My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today!”

© crazyt123 / Reddit

#15  This worker at a rehabilitation center hugs a newborn walrus that lost his family and was saved by the fishermen from Alaska.

© Ruti / Pikabu