Technology is changing every day. Most people use modern technology to do multiple tasks. So life has become more luxurious and comfortable. Most of the time maybe you have realized how recent developments of new gadgets and devices have made it possible for us to lead more luxurious lives.

So those devices and gadgets continue to benefit us day in, day out. Those are indeed important parts of our day-to-day activities. These gadgets have made communication easier and they make our life more enjoyable and also already they have changed the world that we can’t just imagine.

Today there are so many gadgets, devices to make your life easier. Sometimes only you have to do push a button, tap a screen or give a command to be worked on those items.

Here are 15 talented creations that will probably change your life forever.

#1 The scooter which turns into a suitcase

#2 The exercise cycle of the future

#3 A brilliant idea for small apartments

#4 A bed that lets you snuggle

#5 Batteries that can be charged in a USB port

#6 The solar-powered chaise longue

#7 The alarm clock mat: you have to get up in order to turn it off

#8 A spray-cleaner for fruit

#9 The ironing board which doubles as a mirror

#10 The nail varnish holder

#11 The bedside table with a food tray

#12 The cucumber spiral slicer

#13 A net for drying your shoes

#14 The exercise chair

 #15 The heatable knife which can cut through cold butter