Most celebrities are known for their famous personable. Actors, musicians, and athletes have different hairstyles. It can be hard to continue various hairstyles for guys. But most of them have tried out to maintain long hair over the years. Sometimes we have wondered how guys have perfect long hair than girls. 

#1 “My hair is about 4 years old”

Long hair for men is one of the most hairstyle trends in the world. It looks almost stylish, cool, heartbreaking, and fun. It puts more focus on having particular grow hairstyles. 

These guys’ long hair became so famous and well appreciated by many people. So every guy with long hair has a reason. Maybe it’s a story, statement, or about his character who he is. Let’s see why these guys have grown their hair. 

#2 17 months and now my hair is catching up with my beard

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#3 Facial hair or no facial hair? 21 / I’ve recently realized I’m bi, although, I suppose my hair was the first clue

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#4 At about 4 years now’ keep it up, dudes. You all look great, peace

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#5 Had a good hair day, thought I’d share.

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#6 From then to now!

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#7 It’s been a while! Hi folks!

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#8 I can’t wait until the quarantine is over so I can show off the new length on my curls.

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#9 Taken hours apart – each only taking a few seconds to style.

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#10 Curls or waves?

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#11 1 year and 5 months! It was worth the wait 

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#12 Bellatrix lestrange looking ass

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#13 First time with curly hair; digging it. If you have longer hair try it out, you might like the results.

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#14 Here is my transformation… 4 years later./ Rock ? that hair!!! ? ??‍♂️ Wishing everyone an awesome weekend!

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#15 5 years strong!

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