Being overweight is the most difficult part of our lives. Losing weight is not an easy task according to the way people think. But it can be easier when you have a dedication towards it. You can accomplish those weight loss goals if you work hard. If a person is struggling with overweight, it is normal to face some embarrassing situations. Then you may have felt angry, shy, frustrated, or upset.

A lot of people making fun of overweight people. It makes them feel anxious and depressed. They have been embarrassing their entire life for their weight. But feeling embarrassed due to overweight is not the only reason people should embark on a weight loss journey. 

Being overweight has caused physical and mental every aspect of our life. Losing weight is a different story for many people. Sometimes. being overweight their whole life they never received any positive comments about their looks. But their intelligence, patience, humor, creativity made them feel who they are as a person.

We have found some pictures of people to help you to get inspiration from people who have been where they are now and have lost their weight. 

#1 Do you ever just feel inspired by your own progress?? I can’t believe I’ve really lost SEVENTY POUNDS!! I’m so proud!!

#2 After a weekend of mountain biking, the hobby that truly inspired and revived my fitness, I finally reached my goal weight after 7 months!!

#3 I have gained a whole new life.

© theweightlosswonder / reddit

#4 I’ve made lots of changes during quarantine and was gifted with a whole new face.

© mandiekitty / reddit

#5 the more I listen to my body (not just hunger) the more she seems to share. Working together, understanding each other has made this journey a wonderful experience. No goal just living.

© chubbycherry / reddit

#6 7 weeks progress. Put on the same clothes from the first photos I took in October and realized that the scale really only tells a portion of the story. Finally accepting I’ve started somewhere and had everywhere to keep going.

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#7  Super proud of the progress I’ve made since May

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#8 Stuck in a plateau the last two weeks, but proud of how far I’ve come.

© sassyvaporeon / reddit

#9 After 11 months of hard work, I have finally hit my goal. Thank you to everyone on this sub who motivated me to keep going

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#10 Met some friends who had last met me when I looked like the left pic. They were flummoxed in the nicest way and showered me with compliments. Maybe it’s a bit shallow, but ngl, it felt GOOD.

© gananabot / reddit

#11 From 350 to 155 lbs in a year

© gananabot / reddit

#12 7 months change

© ErayCeetin / reddit

#13 2 years on, now to try and not gain it back over the holidays.Really proud so far

© 18Fish18 / reddit

#14 One year of progress and only 40lbs until I reach goal weight.

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#15 Finally becoming at peace with who I am and I am so much happier for it.

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