The skin is the largest part of our body. The majority of women use makeup to make them look younger and more beautiful than the way of their real looks. Makeup does make our appearance more attractive. 

We have heard “ A woman without makeup is like food without salt”. That quote proves to us how makeup does wonder. A lot of men think that women adorn makeup to impress them and some people think women apply makeup because they are not confident about themselves in front of society. But we can’t judge them and we don’t know how much truth is in all of those sayings.

#1 Before and after~ Improved soft glam look, took some of the advice from this sub

 Most women are not be used to leaving the house without applying any kind of makeup. We can probably agree to the point of makeup has the power to change our appearance as we want. If we want to get older or look younger, makeup can change both appearances the way we want. 

#2 Before/after for a bday party where I know 1 person. I never do red lipstick but it felt right.

Makeup is the art of formation. So putting on makeup also a lot of fun. We can try out different looks by using makeup. Applying makeup correctly is the only way a woman can achieve a clear complexion. 

So we would like to say for all women apply makeup whenever, wherever they want and don’t let people judge you any of it.

#3 Why do I look the exact same yet so different?!

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#4 Before & After with Lip Contouring

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#5 This is my before and after a natural makeup, I used some lilac on my eyes

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#6 FA at liplining before/after! CChighlyW!

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#7 Before & after a berry good makeup day

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#8 Soft Look Before & After (my 1st post here)

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#9 Photo shoot makeup before and after!

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#10 This is my ’no makeup’ makeup look

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#11 The power of makeup ❤ before and after

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#12 Before/after everyday look

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#13 Beginner Post! Before/After. CC very welcome.

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#14 My before/after makeup. CCW!

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#15 Before/After in Under 10 Minutes

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