Hair is one of the most interesting parts of our body. Many people like to change their hairstyles from time to time. It would be the happiest thing in our life. You may have experience doing hair experiments during your free time. 

Hair coloring is one way of doing hair experiments. People try to change their hair color. So applying hair color is regarded as more fashionable and desirable Applying hair color can be done professionally by a hairdresser or your own at home. 

The hair pictures will make you inspired of doing several hair experiments.

#1 Before/After – Got a ‘Rona haircut… Finally got up the courage to go SHORT

© Stellieboy / Reddit

#2 I went for it! I’m obsessed with my hair !

© Thecatsm30w / Reddit

#3 I got box braids for the first time!!

© ohitsjustj*** / Reddit

#4 Did a thing… It’s a big change!

© chasinggdragonss / Reddit

#5 I usually do box braids …but I was in a rush to go on vacation …. so I tried these faux locs for the first time.

© CirenLeone / Reddit

#6 Turning 30 next week so I decided to get my hair done early for it~

© Moofledeedums / Reddit

#7 Had been growing it out for 6 years until today… Decided I needed a good reset.

© alec_warper / Reddit

#8 Dyed my hair for the first time ever and now I feel like Avril/Princess Bubblegum

© deannana / Reddit

#9 Took the plunge, shaved half my head and I love it

© euriental / Reddit

#10 I wanted hair like Draculaura and I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out

© shayna1104 / Reddit

#11 virgin black hair to dreamy lavender in a day

© eatyourpho / Reddit

#12 Shaved my head for the second time yesterday after 2 years of growth. Can I get some love?

© braveguppy / Reddit

#13 Back to brunette

© breadpalette / Reddit

#14 Chopped and went lighter

© sisim***28 / Reddit

#15 decided to make a fire hair

© lolaaaksjdhf / Reddit

#16 Went dark (ish) for the first time in years! I feel like Rouge from X-Men now

© nae-7 / Reddit

#17 My sister did this for me as a Christmas present

© blazingcreeper6 / Reddit