Most of the time all of us have been told “you were talking in your sleep at the night. It can be a scary thing to hear. We may ask “Did I say anything wrong” or “What did I say”. Maybe our words reveal something that other people are not aware of it. That’s why we got scared knowing we were talking in our sleep about those things. Normally people have such experiences at least even one time of sleep talking during their lifetime.

Many studies have found most sleep speeches might be enduring just one or two seconds. It’s hard to measure how ordinary it is for people to talk in their sleep because people normally sleep through, the experience. If he tries to say a full sentence in their sleep it appears to be innocuous. Most of the time, sleep talking can be seen among children and also it’s believed to affect not many adults. It happens equally in men and women.

In the majority of the instances even though sleep talking is innocuous sometimes, it causes problems.

Sleep talking bothers bed partners and roommates. It is one of the reasons to interrupt their sleep

It may cause problems, get mistaken for each other between sleep talkers and bed partners.

It may be linked to bigger issues like sleep-waking or nightmare disorder.

However, we have seen on social media how people reacted when they are sleep talkers. So we invite you to enjoy these sleep stories shared on social media.

#1 Marvellous! I was once told my husband that he’d ironed the potatoes and, on a particularly memorable night, that Thomas the Tank Engine was IN OUR BEDROOM!

#2 My ex, who works in restaurants, used to take orders out loud in his sleep. So I used to mess with him saying things like, “excuse me, I ordered the coffee cake” or “this steak is overcooked” and he’d get so flustered and say things like “right away, ma’am!” Hilarious every time.

#3 Much better than a partner who rises bolt upright slowly, silently as if from the grave, turns her head to look at you in the darkness- and then after full 20 seconds (that’s a long time to be stared at in the dark) lies back down. Thought I was going to be murdered in my sleep.

#4 One night, my sleeping boyfriend woke me up by poking me in the shoulder then shouted: “booo!! Boooooo!” all while giving me the thumbs down. Then just rolled onto his back and folded his arms with a little giggle.

#5 A friend’s father used to sleepwalk. His mother awoke at 2 AM to find his father opening, shutting, opening shutting, opening, shutting the blinds in the bedroom. She asked what he was doing, and he said, “I don’t know, but they’ve got the wrong man for *this* damn job.”


#6 Last night my other half rolled over and whispered “probably not going to need all these parachutes”.


#7 Although the best one is when she woke me up, shaking me and shouting my name again and again.


Me: What? What is it?

Her: I think we should go to sleep now [rolls over and starts snoring]


#8 Reminds me of when my husband woke me at 2am by proclaiming “Don’t worry, I’ve got a cricket trophy in my locker, but you need to RUN AWAY NOW or there won’t be crumpets” (pause) then a sinister whisper ”Too late, they’re coming for you now…” He slept well. Oddly, I did not.


#9 My partner did something similar; sat bolt upright in bed, pointed at the cat on the end of the bed and shouted ‘dead vegetable’.


#10 My eldest was a sleep talker. The most memorable was an ear-piercing shriek that had me running up the stairs to them. They then, with eyes open (they often slept like that), looked at me and muttered in a terrified fashion “The pink elephants, they can’t find their tutu’s”, and


#11 “They warned me of goblins. Cute but you can’t trust him. They are sneaky. I’m currently in the bath with one (Pause) Scrubbing him clean” – I laughed so hard I couldn’t go back to sleep. My husband didn’t believe he said any of those words. Last sentence is a family favorite.


#12 Don’t get me started he has saved me from aliens by pushing me out of bed and throwing the duvet over me, chased vampires and lions and when he was a stationery rep did me a good deal on red and green pens at 2 in the morning.


#13 I am a long retired Tornado pilot. My wife still vividly remembers being pushed forcibly out of bed as I shouted: “Eject! Eject!”


#14 Once I woke up because I felt as if my foot was doing circles in the air. I dismissed it as a dream and tried to go back to sleep only for it to happen again. My wife was at the bottom of the bed with my foot in her hand. I looked at her, and she asked “Is this an arm?”


#15 3 faves from an ex: 1. Upon my asking what he was doing, patting the bottom of the bed: “looking for the coconuts” 2. As I woke up to him tightly tucking me in the covers: “you’re naked & the man is looking at you!” 3. Bolt upright: “Take off my trousers? What? All of them?!?”


#16 My 3 year old started shouting in her sleep, ” But I don’t want to be a chicken”


#17 I once woke a partner with extreme urgency and panic telling her that “We’re gonna be late!!” “late for what?” “for the bread meeting!! We’ll be late!” “What bread meeting, what are you talking about?” “The breads, they’re all going to be there!” then listed various breads.


#18 Reading in bed one evening. My husband, snoring next to me, had been asleep for a bit. He suddenly sat up, leaned over, squeezed my boob (gently!), grinned, said “You can’t do THAT at the hairdressers” and then lay back down and continued snoring. No recollection the next day.


#19 I have an active dreamer. Once he literally dived out of bed. (To save me). Another time he kicked me so hard I woke him up. He was not happy as “the ball was curling towards the net” to win Spurs the FA Cup. He never saw if it went in or not. He’s never forgiven me.


#20 My partner, not been together long, jumps in 1 motion from sleeping to standing at the end of the bed, grabs it and shakes it and says “no,no. No more bread, no more bread”. Then gets back in to bed and back to sleep, no memory of it. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


#21 My hubby did worse once. He proper roared in my face, which woke him up & he said ” oh I’m ever so sorry, I thought you were a tiger!”. We couldn’t stop giggling for an hour!


#22 I once shared a twin room with a big night club bouncer, I woke to see him standing at the end of his bed saying ‘ there’s a hand in my bed’ he had slept on his arm so it went numb an when he rolled over i t flopped across he face


#23 Two weeks ago. I come to bed very late. A voice shouts as I enter the bedroom squeaking a floorboard. “the mice, they have tiny hands” ends on a snore that stifles my rocking laughter.


#24 I once kicked a dog who was attacking me in a dream. For some reason, a hard kick to her leg woke my other half! We were in hysterics. My sis-in-law banged our door to tell us to shoosh, assuming we were up to hanky panky. From that day “kicking the dog” had a different meaning.


#25 Rather like the time I sat bolt upright from a dream in the night and shouted “he’s got a gun”. Before calmly lying back down and going back to sleep whilst my partner was left in stunned awakened terror. On that basis, I think a buffet enquiry is preferable.


#26 7 yr son comes downstairs at 11pm, stares at me, says “where’s the crisps?” Told him no way he’s getting crisps at that time of night. “Where’s-The-CRISPS?” he shouts, & I realise he looks like a white Walker. Ominously, “My packet’s half empty!” I thought,you’re not wrong son


#27 I once punched a lorry driver in the face for insulting my wife. Unfortunately it was a dream and it was my wife who suffered the bloody nose… There was severe restrictions on access rights for weeks afterwards.


#28 Can’t. Stop. Laughing. This may be my all-time fave thread. I talk/yell/move. My worst, though, was as a teenager. I was dreaming I’d accosted burglars who were trying to drag me out of the house. I was kicking them…. I kicked the wall & fell out of bed with a broken toe.


#29 I have to sleep with lights on. Otherwise I dream weird. I walked into my flatmates room several times to yell at him for “not closing my wardrobes door & leaving the onesies up on the hooks” even though he “knows perfectly well that the Tigers come at night to scratch them!”


#30 Mine shook me awake at 4am the other night to wake me up because “you’re missing the film”