Eyes are the most important and noticeable feature of our face. Every woman wishes to hear that she’s got beautiful eyes. So beauty sparkling eyes can communicate a lot of feelings about a person.

Below simple steps that will help you to enhance the beauty of your eyes and to get glowing eyes.

#1 The prominence of the eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows are one of the key expressive features of the face. You can enhance it by using an eyebrows pencil, shadows, or wax

#2 Use highlighter

A highlighter is a product that gives a shining look to your eyes. You can contour your eyebrows with a highlighter to make your eyes more meaningful.

#3 Create smoky eyes

Getting smoky eyes is one of the most popular eyes makeup methods. It deserves for any time of the day and makes your eyes more suggestive.

#4 Don’t forget to use a white pencil

If you use a white pen you can make your eyes look big. You can use it from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.

#5 Don’t apply bright color lipsticks

You can enhance the beauty of your eyes by using some light shiny lip gloss or light colors lipstick. It will be the best decision to make your eyes more accent