We don’t know when and where we will meet the true love of our lives. Most of the time when we watch films, it makes all our lives suddenly better, happier, and more lovely. It changes our love. We expect to have this love story as if we are part of a movie. Movies center our lives of the characters with love even in real life.

We have chosen five movies that have entered the hearts of many people and it shows us the meaning of true love.

1.“Eat Pray Love”

Elizabeth is a successful writer even though she felt she is not living the life that she wants. However, finally, she managed to find her true love.

2.“Die Weisse Massai”

This is a movie based on the main character girl’s vacation in Kenya Carols falls in love with Limaliana. She decided to continue her life with Kenya by quitting her life in Europe.

3. “ Ai no Korida”

This movie tells us how all-consuming incidents can run out of control.

4. “Moths”

This movie presents the romance between a schoolgirl and a soldier. It shows how they were made for each other like two moths.

5. “The Vow”

This movie shows how the main couple ends up in a car accident when they celebrate the fourth anniversary of their marriage.