Visiting a new country, trying new meals, and experiencing new things that never had before are the purposes of tourist travelers. There are so many different delicious foods in other countries that we have never tried. Enjoying new food while traveling is a reason to go back to a country.  It’s so happy going to a different foreign country and how much you can appreciate their culture based on their food. Sometimes there is nothing better than enjoying new food when we travel to foreign countries.

We have found delicious meals from different countries to, make you travel those countries.

#1 Meat with chocolate

Many people love chocolate. But it is a wonder to hear that Mexican people eat chocolate with meat. It is served with chicken, beef, mutton, and pork or turkey.

#2 Avocado as a dessert.

Normally Avocado is used for salads, sandwiches, and rolls. But in Brazil, they add sugar and juice to the avocado and served as a dessert.

#3 Soda with condensed milk

Indonesian people are fond of drinking Fanta with soda water or sweetened condensed milk with strawberry syrup. It’s called “ soda gembira”

#4 Fruit with pepper

Latin American countries like Mexico people love chili. So they add pepper to fruits like mangoes, oranges, pineapple, and watermelons. Those are cut into pieces and sprinkled with pepper

#5 Salad with tea

Many countries mix tea with hot water. But Myanmar people make a salad using fermented tea leaves.