A love relationship can attach people and keep them closer to any long distances. It makes people want to live together with each other. Relationships are not always easy arrangements without love.

Today 75% of couples are suffering from relationship breakups. Even though they are in a relationship, they don’t know how to continue relationships without problems. Going through a breakup is not an easy thing. Sometimes it can be the worst experience that we have in our lifetime.

So we have gathered some common mistakes we make that ruin our romantic relationships.

1. Not spending quality time with each other.

If you are constantly trying to, negotiate how you want to be together and also connect with your partner only over the phone without meeting each other, it wouldn’t be a great sign. If you want to watch a movie, just sit together on the same settee with minding your own business all the time and try to do everything together that you are going to do.

2. Stop being vulnerable 

Vulnerability is the quality of being attacked or easily hurt. When you stop being vulnerable, you can have even hard times together and trust each other. It is very important to intimate relationships.

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3. Not respecting each other 

Respecting each other is an essential quality for a healthy relationship. It means you should identify your partner as a whole person in your life and not use just a way to get something whatever you want. You have to understand that your partner has different experiences and opinions from you.

4. Conflict Avoidance 

Sometimes you may think avoiding conflicts helps us to prevent our relationships. But it ruins our relationship because there is no way to know your partner’s true feelings and needs without conflicts. Conflict encourages communication between you and your partner. It will read your partner’s mind and fix your problems.

5. Not valuing yourself

If you don’t love, value yourself you will have low levels for how you let people treat you. The way you value yourself shows how you treat your partner also. When you are in a relationship, try to keep going to the gym, eat healthy foods and work on behalf of you also.

We think that most couples have made these kinds of common mistakes. So try to continue with your relationship without making these mistakes.