Many brand names come from different languages. Mispronouncing those brand names is easy for several reasons. We should understand the spellings of the brand’s name don’t help us to pronounce it correctly. So no one is perfect in pronouncing many household brand names. 

Let’s see how it has been becoming a challenge for many people to pronouncing some household brand names.

 #1 Nutella 

Nutella is the world’s famous favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. Many people pronounce “nutell-uh” however, it is supposed to be pronounced as “new-tell-uh”. 

#2 Sriracha 

Even if this product is world popular it is hard to pronounce this word for some people. It should be pronounced as “see-rotch-ah”.

 #3 Glossier 

These products have been becoming one of the most famous brands on the market for several years. But people keep saying it in different ways. But it is supposed to be pronounced as “glossee-ay”

 #4 Uniqlo 

This word is a Japanese clothing brand name. It can be like a tongue twister for some people. The right way of saying this brand is “yu-ni-ku-ro” 

#5 Huawei 

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone makers in the world of Selling smartphones. Spellings of the word Huawei reflect the Mandarin pronunciation of the two characters. The correct way of saying the word Huawei is “wah- way,”.

 #6 Evian

 This water brand is more expensive than the other labels. This should be pronounced as “ehvee-on”.

 #7 IKEA 

Saying this word has become a challenge for many people, around the world. It should be pronounced as “eye-kay-ah”