Many people like to keep lights on during sleep as they think it gives you comfort and they are afraid of the dark. So light is needed for some people to fall asleep. When you were in your childhood you might remember how you fall asleep with the lights. Maybe it was the only way to sleep peacefully without getting scared of the monsters. 

Many research has found side effects of sleeping with the lights on. Maybe people prefer to sleep without lights on as they know how dangerous sleeping with lights on is. 

1. It can be an effect on your reproductive health

Many research has found that exposure to artificial lights can increase the risk of infertility. There have been a la lot of people who worked night shifts and the effects of nighttime light exposure. It causes heart-related problems production of melatonin is repressed if you’re exposed to lights at nighttime. It increases your blood pressure. So it can be increased the risk of heart diseases. 

2. It might gain your weight

One of the studies has found that over 40000 women have revealed that people who slept with the TV on noticed weight gain. It happens according to the weak sleep quality or duration. 

3. It might harm hormonal changes

There are melatonin deficiencies due to the lights from smartphones, TV, or computers. So it is proved how dangerous sleeping with the lights on for the whole night. 

4. You will have to suffer from depression

Sleeping at night with the lights increases the risk of depression. There may be fewer detrimental effects as we are less sensitive to red wavelengths.

Now you can decide whether you’re going to sleep with the lights or not.