There are 54 articles on children according to The Convention on the Rights. Everyone under 18 has these rights. Education is one of the fundamental rights, among those needs. Education can play a great role in our society. It is the right of every child which can open any door of development.

Poverty and education are inseparably linked. People who live in poverty may be stopping children from going to school. So they can work without going to school. It would happen to them to live without numeracy and literacy skills that they need for their future careers. In many countries, even if there are additional costs for uniforms, books, and transportation, school is free. Some country’s governments also spend a lower budget on education. 

Child labor is one of the most striking symbols of poverty. When we go along the road, we can see many children living on the streets begging. They miss out on their right to education. We feel sad to even see such situations. It is a very piteous situation.

In 2017, one of the Global Youth Ambassadors from India had started a small School under the bridge for those who are beggars and laborers. She had engaged with them using activity-based learning programs and providing them with daily meals. Some parents are not ready to send their children to schools as they are a source of income through begging. However, even if there were four kids to be seated on the very first day after that great ambassador was successful to increase the number of kids for her class. This amazing woman used her own money to help these beggar children. These incidents help us to make us inspired the same.