Every people need a home that will never in a bajillion years move out of. Living with friends, sharing a place with our partners, and having our freedom with people whom we like are a blessing of our lives.

This world is might not be a perfect one. Maybe humans have many reasons for owning dogs but there are great human beings who purchase luxury items and medical treatments regularly for dogs. They provide their homes to dogs for a luxurious life. we can’t even imagine a world where dogs would have to return back to the wild and live without humans. There are no people to protect them, no food and snacks delivered without any effort, and no cuddles in the comfiest of spots when they are in wild situations.

Providing a space for dogs is good not only for dogs. There are many benefits for humans of owning a dog at home. People can outside and socialize. Many people do regular walking and playing with dogs it will help humans to decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels and humans can help manage loneliness and depression by opening up their home to dogs in need.

We can see photos of how sad dogs have become into happy canines. It will make our hearts melt. It’s natural that you will want to pay more attention to dogs seeing the below pictures.

#1 My foster dog’s 2 month glow up

#2 Miley, who came to me as a hospice foster dog since she wasn’t expected to live and we just wanted to make her comfortable. This is her, a year and a half later!


#3 How it started vs how it’s going

#4 1-year update. 100% team work!


#5 Yesterday was Lupa’s gotcha day, this is the difference a year in a good home makes!

#6 Our Foster Pup When She Was Found On The Streets As A Sick, Discarded, Breeder Mama And Then A Few Days Ago, Napping Peacefully On Our Bed

#7 meet Julie. This is about 6 weeks of progress.


#8 This is Lucy, from Nov 1 to today. My amazing wife saved her from the streets and disease.

#9 Harvey was born the runt of a 12 puppy litter. The first picture is his first day with us at 3.5 pounds and lots of health issues. He’s now 32 pounds and getting quite handsome!


#10 From a hoarder house with 100+ dogs to a home of her own! I had fostered her since November and officially adopted her last month!

#11 Patron was found discarded in a trash bag on the side of the highway at 4 weeks old. 8 weeks later, he’s a very happy boy and we couldn’t love him more!

#12 Hiya, this is Rimosa! I rescued her back in June of 2019. She had yeast, heart worms, lots of other infections, missing teeth, she was missing most of her hair, and she had been beaten. She’s fine now, top picture was the day I brought her home and the other was last week. Working on her manners now

#13 He went from mistreated, frail and on the verge of death to a happy puppy with a heart of gold! Meet Jack

#14 My friend adopted a senior dog that had been shot in the leg and left to die. These pictures are a day apart.

#15 Three short weeks and lots of love