Fashion designing display our creativity and inspiration (20 Pics) 

At the beginning of the 1990s, when Zara landed in New York, people had heard the concept of “fast fashion”. Zara opened in New York and the New York times using the words “fast fashion” to describe Zara’s fast production model that was able to bring clothing from the designs.  It had completely changed how customers make purchases and also it was regarded as being a fairly new concept.

In the 1880s, most people used to weave clothes using wool. Then with the start of the industrial revolution, which introduced new textile machines, factories, and ready-made clothing, which is made in bulk in a range of sizes.

Fashion design has come as a way of designing clothes. Today it has developed into a fully developed industry. It is approbated as a career option all over the world and there are many institutes of fashion that have come up the world over, offering courses in various areas of fashion. Fashions designing has extended to so many things such as swimwear, women’s wear, lingerie, children’s wear, bridal wear, men’s wear, handbags, footwear, jewelry, etc. It is given various career paths for hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion journalists, fashion advisors, and fashion photographers, etc…

Earlier fashion designers used to be self-employed. But now there are opportunities for other people who depend on them. People who never interested in clothes at all, have become famous fashion designers today as we can’t just even imagine it. Becoming an expert observer, imitating, getting out of my comfort zone, using the most worn places as the start point are the simple tricks to pay more attention towards fashion.

#1 Giambattista Valli

#2 houses of Hogwarts inspired dresses

Image source: officialhambly

#3 A strawberry dress

#4 A folklore inspired wedding dress

Image source: officialhambly

#5 A black wedding dress

Image source: officialhambly

#6 Elsa

#7 Aurora

Image source: officialhambly

#8 Cinderella

#9 Tiana

Image source: officialhambly

#10 Yennefer inspired

#11 Geralt inspired

Image source: officialhambly

#12 A 15ft train black dress

#13 A 15ft train white dress

Image source: officialhambly

#14 Libra

#15 Pisces

Image source: officialhambly

#16 Sag

#17 plus a Pendleton wool shirt into a dress

Image source: officialhambly

#18 A dress inspired by Hulu’s The Great

#19 A neoclassical men’s shirt

Image source: officialhambly

#20 stained glass bustier