Love is a strong emotion. Love depends on different factors. Honestly, compassion and loyalty are some factors to increase the love between partners. Love gets stronger or deeper with time. Sometimes weaker with time for some people.

There are so many couples who live under the same roof and have dead relationships due to there is no more love. When you love someone, even though the other person does not it would choke the other person who does not love to feel the same way towards you.

People get to know each other better as time passes. When we are in a relationship many things change. Most of the time we do a lot of things to increase the love for our whole life. We want to make our partners feel special in every moment.

Love goes through different stages. So relationships have to move from different stages for passionate intense love. So loving someone is the best thing that can happen to most people. It is a special feeling due to it gets deeper as people grow older.

Today we have gathered some pictures that give antitypes for the whole society to stay forever with love.


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