Facebook is a social network that allows you to create profiles, share information, photos posts about yourselves. So many people around the world use Facebook accounts. We can’t even find a person without a Facebook account today. But most of them don’t know all the probable things about this online social network.

Today we at Olexzz has decided to make you realize seriously useful settings that you don’t know

1.The way you read the hidden messages

Most people think that Facebook has only one inbox. But it has two inboxes. If you are not a wee about the second mailbox you have misses requests, chats by your friend’s friends. If you need to read these messages from the second mailbox first you should click the “ Message” icon, then click,’ Message Requests ‘ and after that just ta ‘filtered requests’.

2. Make sure that you won’t be cracked

Maybe you have many doubts about the security system of Facebook. So you need to use ‘Login Approvals’ on the ‘security tab’. So when you log into your account from an unknown device the security system will be required a password that will be sent to your phone.

3. There should be some remembrances

Sometimes I we like to see our past hilarious photos and past chats with our friends. So if you need to see those no need to do browsing and it is very easy if you click the ellipsis icon in your friend’s profile and refer to ‘See Friendship ‘

4. Keep an eye on your friends who are not on your friend list.

Sometimes people who are not on your friend’s list see your profile. So if you want to how they see your profile first click the ellipsis icon right next to the ‘View Activity Log’ then choose ‘View as’ that will give you a superb chance to check your page through the people who don’t know,

5. Save post for any time.

Facebook is progressively being used as a source of information related to dangerous situations and crises. So Facebook gives you an outcome that lets you save your favorite posts and links for people who don’t have much time. They can read them any time. For this important opportunity just have to click the down arrow in the upper right corner of your favorite post and tap ‘Save Post’ or ‘ Save link’. Then you can view your posts and links whenever and wherever you want.