Many children have access to the internet whether it is by computer, Smartphone, tablet, or other different types of electronics. Parents allow their children access to the internet, but a majority of parents don’t have control over their child’s usage. Social media is a medium of communication shared by most adults and children, but most especially teenagers. It is Sometimes helpful, entertaining, and within the reach of the general public. It has become an important mass media around the world.

#1 Parents can give some electronic gadgets for their children, online education and for learning purposes, not for daily use of playing games and social media users.

There are websites Such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram in which many children under the age of 15 and under have profiles. Social media allows people to interact with other users, whether it is people they know in person or even with strangers. Sadly Social media is abused and taken advantage of by most teenagers, and not used in a way that they could get the best benefits from. It can have negative effects on teenagers like addiction, psychological problems, and cyberbullying which can decrease their self-esteem that can lead to depression and possibly self-harm. With social media, teenagers have access to see adults give their thoughts about drugs, sex, and alcohol, and the opinion of those people may influence the minds of children. At a young age, children are affected and influenced by adults and even manipulated by adults on the internet which makes it hazardous for them to have social media accounts.

#2 Excessive children on social media, users can not only cause unhappiness and general dissatisfaction with life, but also increasing the risk of developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

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According to a recent study conducted by pew research Center, approximately 63% of teenagers report using Social media every day. Additionally, 45% said they were on the internet ”almost constantly” As the countries to struggle to contain the Covid – 19 pandemic and Social distancing recommendations remain in place, millions of children aren’t expected to attend schools. They will often be stuck inside their homes and using the internet as a primary means of human connection.

#3 other side of online education, parents can spend their time with their children and teach them some ‘Good Habits & play with them, that can reduce their ‘stress’ for they both.

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But the rise of teenager’s use of social media at the same time that depression rates have been going up shows correlation, not causation. There’s no evidence to prove that teenager’s use of social media is why we’re seeing this increase in depression instead of any number of other confounding factors like their family life, economic conditions, or anything else. There is increasing evidence that the internet and social media can influence suicidal behavior. This influence poses a significant risk to the public and how public health approaches might be used to address the issue.                                 

#4 parents wondering if online schooling, is necessary for (Pre & Primary kids)?

In fact, social media has the potential to provide teenagers with valuable opportunities. So there are many positive effects of using social media as well as negative effects. Such as Social media allows teenagers to appreciate different perspectives and worldviews to better understand the world we live in, learning how to effectively communicate opportunities, provide support for mental health and wellbeing and remove boundaries and develop meaningful relationships.

#5 learning purpose younger generation can use their mobile phones, but keep on using Social media applications causes health issues.

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#6 front of their parent’s knowledge, many of the children missing out on some outdoor games.

#7 Effects of Positive & Negative Social media platforms.

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#8 Current, Internet Generation was totally attracting the kids using Smartphones

#9 Nowadays, most Children are engaged only on Social media platforms

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