There are several reasons to get tattoos. Tattoos are a formation of artwork for many people. Sometimes I it’s just a fashion story for others. People express themselves who they are by adoring tattoos. Some people put tattoo mark on their skin permanently to show that is the best eat to express something meaningful in their lifetime.

Many people have been fond of tattoos since their childhood. Sometimes it would be a dream on their mind to get tattoos on their skin. Some people get scared, curious when they see tattooed people. But sometimes, we get inspired by seeing a gorgeous collection of tattoos that gives us powerful visuals of our strength and beauty.

Adorning tattoos can have deep meanings as  the way we judge tattooed people. The meaning behind tattoos is different from people to people. No matter who you are, how tough you are. However, getting ink under your skin is not an easy task. It’s a painful process. There are several types of tattoos in the world.

We have gathered these types of images and some stories behind the tattoos of some people. The special thing that we have found is how a celebrity got her first tattoo at the age of 62.

#1 “Got this portrait done yesterday of my dog who passed away 3 years ago. ?”

© sheltrav / Reddit

#2 “My little red badge of courage while taking care of my mom in the hospital”

© ac_jinx / Imgur

#3  “I asked the artist to draw something that represented my sensitivity… I know that my dog ​​will die, but\ I will always carry it with me! And I also love the signature with the red dot. It makes everything unique.”

© Pjohnx / Reddit

#4 A family picture for ever

© phoebedorn / Reddit

#5 “We’re getting matching tattoos for all the trips we take together- it rained all week for this one.”

© thought_I_knew_excel / Reddit

#6 “When cultures breed. The tartan is my mum’s side of the family and the Maori is my dad’s side.”

© mahehe86 / Reddit

#7 Even at 62, Madonna was not afraid to get her first tattoo with a special meaning: the initials of her 6 children.

© madonna / Instagram

#8  “Single needle silhouette tattoo of my grandpa who passed away in July of this year.”

© iluvvoatmeal / Reddit

#9 “Just got my very first tattoo today! 4 birds in memory of my 4 babies. (3 miscarriages and a stillborn)”

© KenPie2 / Reddit

#10 “Decided to get my first tattoo on my 23rd! A lot of people don’t even know I have hearing issues until I tell them, so this is just a helpful reminder.”

© dunham-doodles / Reddit

#11 “Got this tattoo in memory of my best friend growing up. He was an amazing pup/extra parent. And I still miss him every day.”

© asveca / Reddit

#12 “My father passed away almost 2 months ago. Today is his birthday and he always wanted us to have matching tattoos.”

© everyday__grey / Reddit

#13  “My favorite tattoo, always. A realistic portrait of my dogs paw. Forever, and always my heartbeat at my feet.”

© stephiiejean18 / Reddit

#14  “I was really excited to get this last year. Now it’s kind of bittersweet, RIP.”

© MrStealUrGold / Reddit© Black Panther / Marvel Studios and co-producers

#15 3 butterflies that cover an appendix removal surgery that left some scars

© helen_tinc_etherington / Instagram