Marriage is a commitment of our life. It will make our life beautiful. Marriages are most successful if both couples are aware of themselves. Most of the tone maintaining a lifelong relationship with a spouse among celebrities is a difficult one. We have seen how many celebrities got divorced from each other. But some celebrities have proved if there is a commitment, maintaining a good relationship among them is an easy task.

Adrian Celentano and Claudia Mori

They have been for 51 years together even now. This couple still has a good relationship without any difficulties. They still respect each other on behalf of their marvelous love.

Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh

They have been for 43 years together now. Michael Caine saw Shakira Baksh in a television advert for the first time. Then he was crazy about her. He was able to find her and they got married. They stay happy until today.

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen

Today, they have been 37 years together. It is mentioned in many reports they have overcome many difficulties. But they loved, supported trusted, and stood up by each other in their difficult times. As a result of those commitments, today they spend a successful life.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

They have been for 37 years together. They started a positive romantic and true relationship when Ozzy was fired from the band. Then they got married after three years. Now they stay happily with three children.

 Jaime Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest

They have been for 32 years together. Jaime Lee Curtis had seen Christopher Guest’s picture in a magazine for the first time. Then he fell in love with Guest. Finally, Jaime Lee was able to find his true love while facing many difficulties. Then they got married. So it has proved destiny has made for each other.