We expect a lot of things from our partners when we are in love. We expect our partners to make us happy more than other people at any cost. We demand love. If we are happy before we were in a relationship we like to be happy more our relationship. That’s the nature of human beings. We expect to share our love instead of demanding happiness.

You can make a world in your relationship with love, affection, support to create a whole life in yourself. Not except anything from your partners means you don’t depend on them to relieve the pain of being with yourself.

Sometimes when we love someone disappointment is a part of it. But each partner should understand that our partners don’t always expect things in advance. They should tin think about how they treat each other in simple ways. There are many ways of expressing love. It is important to realize how you and your partner treat each other. Some people try to show love for their partners by doing advanced things.

Puuung is a Korean artist. He has produced some heartening, interesting graphics which bring out how we show our love for partners in our day-to-day lives. So follow these simple ways to make to your partners happy.