In order to effectively prevent the spread of covid-19, China, and many other countries as well as the World Health Organization recommended that people wear face masks in public areas. But when we throw them away, it can be harmful to birds,  animals who share our planet.

It is natural not to consider the environmental impact of face masks in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. But attention must be paid to those innocent birds who suffered due to not disposing of face masks properly. After continuous exposure to people wearing face masks for nearly ten months birds evidently became adapted to people wearing face masks. Those birds show fear responses to people wearing face masks and also birds were forced to undergo the stimulation of people wearing masks.

Recently a photographer has captured images of a bird with its talons caught in a discarded face mask. He said it was very sad to see struggling because someone had failed to dispose of a mask properly. So it seems a matter of people being a bit more responsible and disposing of the masks properly.

We were able to see, there have been many reports to birds have died after becoming entangled in the face mask. Leading environmental charities are always warning people that they need to more careful with how they’re discarding disposable masks and urging them to choose reusable ones. Many scientists have compared the flight initiation distance of the birds how responses to people with or without face masks.

Environment groups say hundreds of thousands, even millions of single-use masks are being dumped outdoors. Every month that the planet faces the coronavirus, an estimated 200 billion disposable face masks, and plastic gloves are being disposed of and entering the environment. No matter even if people use masks but there is a proper way to use face masks to prevent birds from getting entangled in them.

However, we can do to protect birds from disposable face masks. If you wear a single-use face mask, make sure to dispose of it properly. Never throw them on the grounds and try not to throw them away in outdoor trash. When throwing away face masks throw them away in a  respectable and be sure to cut the ear straps to help prevent birds from getting entangled in them. If you work outside the medical field, consider buying reusable masks that are easily washable.