Someone who associated with a person once is called” Ex”. It can refer to different relationships. Sometimes the worst thing that people are asking from you is about your ex. Most of the time, continue a healthy relationship with your partner is always going to be difficult. Breakups are one of the most reluctant things that happened in our life. Even though most people try to get move on from breakups, they can’t stop recalling about their ex.

Most of the time, we realize the value of our exes when they are no longer a part of our lives. Many people have faced such situations. There are several common reasons why a person tries to stay in touch with their ex.

• They are still attractive to you.

• When you have some friends

• They think sex was great between the two of them

• They miss genuine qualities of their ex

• They want to keep a backup.

When you’re a bit late with revelation

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“My ex-boyfriend sent me a photo of his new kittens.”

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True feelings never get rusty.

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You can always find some time for your ex in your busy schedule.

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That awkward moment when you didn’t expect to meet him

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When you know for sure that starting over is a bad idea

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When you know who to call on a bad day

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Old love is always in our hearts.

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“This one is my favorite.”

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“We stopped dating 18 months earlier.”

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“The texts from my ex on January 1st”

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Revenge on your ex is a dish best served wet.

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