Having a good sleep is essential for our body. It makes our body repair, get fit, and ready for another fresh day. There are many benefits to having a good sleep.

But when you try to suddenly wake up in the middle of the night while you are having a good sleep, if you are unable to move your body parts, maybe you think it would be a dream. But you are exactly aware of it. You will try to call someone for help, but your sound doesn’t respond. So you will have to lie in your bed without moving your body and making a sound. Many people around the world have these kinds of helpless situations. So you have met sleep paralysis if you were in the same situation Some people had never heard about such situations. 7.6% of people around the world are suffering from this condition.

So if you can’t move your body or can’t make sounds while you are waking up or falling asleep, it’s called  “sleep paralysis”. It might be a feeling of being conscious without moving. There are two types of sleep paralysis. If it happens while you are falling asleep it’s called Hypnagogic or Predormital sleep paralysis. If it occurs when you are waking up it’s called, Hypnopompic or Postdormital sleep paralysis.

This common condition can be seen among most teenagers. But women and men can have it of any age. There are some facts given below that may be linked to sleep paralysis.

Lack of sleep

When you try to change your sleeping schedule

Sleeping on your back

Night-time leg cramps

If you are in stress

Make sure to have a good night time sleep, do not change your sleeping schedule, and try to stay happy without any stress to get avoiding from sleep paralysis.