Elvis Presley was an American singer, actor, and musician. He is considered one of the most remarkable cultural images of the 20th century. He was the king of rock or simply “the king”. In 1959, when he was 24, during his army career, at a party at his home he met Priscilla who is 14 years younger than him. She was in ninth grade at that time. She was able to get attention from every star. He played a lot of songs to make her impressive including “ Are you lonesome tonight”. After she left that party, Elvis told his friend Rex Mansfield that “ Priscilla was young enough so that I can train her the way I want “ Then they met for the second time at Elvis’s room where they kissed. 

Then after the meeting with Priscilla’s father, Elvis was able to impress him about his daughter Priscilla. Elvis allowed her to continue schooling. But they didn’t try to go out in public. However, they saw each other often secretly. They didn’t do sex until their wedding night.

In 1957, on May 1, they got married, in Las Vegas. Then Priscilla got pregnant. Elvis worried about her pregnancy and how fatherhood would affect his career. When she was seven months pregnant, Elvis asked for a lawsuit separation. Even though they separated for a short time, she was blessed with a baby daughter Lisa Marie. After giving birth to Lisa, Priscilla found that Elvis is having extramarital affairs. So Priscilla got divorced from him. After that, they shared custody of their daughter, Lisa. In 1977, on August 16, Elvis died due to a heart attack. When Priscilla found out about Elvis’s death, she was wrecked and it took her a long time to get herself to move on. Later their daughter Lisa Marie Presley became a famous singer and she got married to Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage.

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Riley Keough is one of Presley’s granddaughters and she is an actress and a model. Now Priscilla is 75 years old. Even though Priscilla couldn’t keep her marriage without problems, she has unforgettable memories of him. She will never stop reminding her memories of Elvis and love him forever.


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