According to many reports, people stay on the toilet longer than 3 hours per week. Normally 10-15 minutes per day. Scientists have exposed Mobile Phones as the main reason for spending more time on the toilet.

Let’s see why we shouldn’t spend more time than 15 minutes on the toilet.

1. Mobile phones transfer germs

When we wash our hands or flush, it picks up germs from the bathroom surface.

2. It causes her morbid and other rectal issues

Sitting in the toilet for 1 to 15 minutes is dangerous, and it causes many issues.

3. You don’t want to do daily activities on the toilet

If you need a break during the day you shouldn’t do daily leisure time activities by using the phone on the toilet. You can try meditating or doing exercises. It will activate our brain.

4. Don’t think of toilet time as a way to get freedom

A toilet is a place where no one can watch what people are doing. So most of the students try to use their