Kids like to hear stories when they ready to sleep. Bedtime stories make mystical memories and creating art of a routine. Kids get better at visualizing things as they have to elucidate a story when it’s read loudly. Children learn the power of visualization from bedtime stories.

We have found interesting 5 books to make your child get attractive and have a good sleep. If you haven’t read these books for your children start to read those from today onwards.

The Moomins series

The Moonins are the main characters in this series. There is a collection of stories about the Moomins. When you read this series your child will grow up with “ The Moomins”.


This a story with a fictional atmosphere and it was fabricated around a father who has written this story for his son. But today this story has become popular all over the world. This story will never get rid of kids even if it is old more than 100 years.

Peter Pan

This book has the only surprising characteristics. When you read this story for your child you will also fall in love with this story. In this story, you will find completely different things. This story has unbelievable experiences.

Mary Poppins

This is one of the stories that children will enjoy at an age. They will try to reread and follow the story’s characters. This book is very important to kids for their imagination.

A Bear Called Paddington

This story was started at Paddington Stations in London. A small bear was coming from Darkest Peru and waited patiently for someone to take him home. One lovely family was able to find him luckily. Then they adopted him. This book is really loveable.